The BLB Music Lessons is a music school that has traveling teachers that come to your home. Thats right, we come to you. Also, if you'd like we have two other teaching locations, one in Loveland and Fort Collins. We specialize in Guitar, Bass Guitar, ukulele and mandolin for beginners and advanced players. We also teach Audio Production out of our Loveland location as well which entails Recording, Mixing, Mastering in studio.  

   Brian Hill, a professional musician, owner of The BLB music, song writer, audio engineer has been teaching music the past 7 years privately and institutionally in Colorado and California. He is familiar with the many different styles of teaching including the CAGED approach as well as the more modal approach most used by specialized guitar institutes. He currently works in the live and studio audio engineering field as well as live performance locally in the NOCO region. His most recent audio release is entitled, “One” under the moniker, The Blind Leads the Blind. Brian would describe his teaching style as technique centric peppered with music theory with songs based around the student’s personal taste. Brian teaches age groups starting at 7+ with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced with genres from Swing Jazz to Metal. Don’t hesitate to call or email with any further questions. 

                (310) 625-2543